Yes, us guys need to be told

Replying to a distant pen pal, who had commented about a new man in her life "But, he is a guy and maybe if I don't tell him what I want or expect, he won't know" I replied something that might be useful to others who are establishing intimate relationships:

"Yes, us guys need to be told (or shown interestingly by demonstration) what the gal wants or expects. We were not provided with an operating manual for you women; and besides, every model is different. (And sometimes changes with the phases of the Moon, more complications.) Also, when a page in the operating manual is being shown the guy, he needs to be alerted (maybe several times until he gets it) that the operating manual is now on screen so pay attention a little bit. The "refresh" button needs to be visible for a replay until it sinks in. He can prove his manhood by being able to make something work whenever he pushes the button; but he needs to learn how to push the buttons while also not letting on that he did not already know how to do it. From what I've seen, you gals ought to be able to manage this education while multitasking several other things at the same time, no sweat."


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