Possible biological psychological effects

I have found some curious medical research info that seems to relate in some ways to my own sensing and recollections. Has to do with the parasite Toxoplasmosis gondii, and of the Tobacco Mosaic virus.

They both seem to have psychological effects, I think, feel.

The T. gondii has been shown to have a life cycle which is in cats and the cats' food supply such as mice: encountered in cat feces in soil, the parasite enters say a mouse through food/water contamination, makes its way to brain as it reproduces quietly inside the mouse, then in the brain it makes the mouse no longer fear cats and even can make it like the odor of the cat urine by which cats mark their territories. Easy meal for cat. There is only one stage of the parasite life cycle in which the cat produces the infectious output, note.

Now, cats don't eat people, at least little house cats don't. But anyway, in people, do the psychological effects of Toxoplasmosis, which infects some 70% of the world population, exist too, in some way? How about the liking of cats, craving for their company, possibly for more than just because they are adorably cute fuzzy purring things? (Nevermind their very sharp claws and fangs and instant furious ferocity given some circumstances to these very territorial creatures.) Recently, the parasite T. gondii has been found around the world to be associated with not just mice but also significant human psychological distress, particularly Schizophrenia, for example. T. gondii reaching into the human brain works its peculiar chemistry too.

This symbiotic relationship between cats, the parasite T. gondii, and the food supply for both, is interesting. Cats have been treasured companions of people for a very long time; I recall seeing a mummified cat which was honored alongside mummified people of some 4 millenia ago, for example. It is a bit amusing that here in America at least, the housecat's easy meals now come usually not from psyched-out mice, but by the eager hand of people wielding cans of tasty cat food.

Hmmm, more symbiosis?

And, re the tobacco Mosaic virus... how about it too perhaps having psychological effects? Anybody research that? Smokers may be dealing with more than just nicotine urges, affecting the task of "quitting smoking."


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