Semi-retired folk contributing to the GNP

Many people reaching the age of retirement are still quite willing and able to do constructive work. The government responsible for providing the basic retirement for which they worked throughout their lives, might consider the many ways for enabling those semi-retired folk to contribute to the GNP even at the reduced capacity of their years.

The government does not want to be in the position of competing with private business for the attention of employees; however, in cases where private business has not provided the appropriate semi-employment of semi-retired folk, instead of "reducing the population" the government might instead consider creating those jobs that are fitted to the older folk willing and able to continue to add to the GNP, and then when the business is profitable offere it to the highest bidder among private business concerns, for them to take it over from then on, although perhaps monitored by the governmetn to ensure the company is being run sufficiently well for all concerned, including the semi-employed older folk.


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