Did the campus freakout have Toxoplasmosis gondii?

There has been a lot in the news about a tragedy where a guy freaked out on a college campus in Virginia and made a big mess. Lots of stuff in the news about how to prevent it in the future, and no doubt will result in huge new restraints on American freedom, like the "9/11" fracas did.

Yet re the campus fracas, in the forensic analysis, is anybody doing an autopsy to see if there were Toxoplasmosis gondii parasites in the brain?

Does anybody really want to find a real cause, like that kind would be? Or are they just doing autopsy to find "drugs" while ignoring other potential factors like parasite inhabitation's disturbance of the brain functions?

There has been an increasing body of knowledge pointing to that parasite in particular, Toxoplasmosis gondii, as having the ability in some people to cause life-risking behavior modification, as it also does in the animals it infects.

(Two decades ago I had a very beloved, but sometimes very strange acting, girlfriend who had told me that she had Toxoplasmosis, but it meant nothing to me then. Now that research around the world has been finding some really odd specific effects it can have on the brain in some people, her sometimes really bizzare dangerous behavior is now making clear sense. And I can see where something similar could be involved in the recent campus fracas.)

Do forensic analysts really want correct answers, if it involves tests which were not taught in their schooling?

Otherwise it will just be the old routine: railing against the "loners" who do not stay in their rightful place way in the back of the pecking order line; blame on "drugs"; and make more laws restraining those who are not mainstream conformists. Those kind of answers make people feel righteous and satisfied, job well done. Then wait for the next "exciting" horrid thing to happen, relief from boredom.

How simple it would be to have proper testing for presence of parasites in the brain, and identifying its locations, before it is too late. Real answers will have a much better chance at finding real solutions. Toxoplasmosis gondii, if found to be the cause, could start a new search for real improvements in safety and life quality for all.


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