More thoughts on Asperger's wisdoms

More advise for Asperger's afflicted people again here.

A very basic difference between you and non-Asperger's people, I have found, is that non-Asperger's lives are founded upon hierarchy; it is perhaps the most basic starting point of whatever they do. Somehow their mental built-in "wiring" is continually advising them of who is boss in the situation, whether you or the other person is "better", and the "better" one (normally the one which is perceived as the most "powerful" in the situation) is automatically deferred to in the interaction. When more than two of them are involved, it spreads into a pyramid heirachy of lateral peers, and of vertical bosses and subordinates to oneself.

Since this is something that goes on so naturally for them like breathing air, it seems to me, that they consider it a fundamental law of the universe or something like that.

So along comes an Asperger's person, who does not have that inbuilt brain wiring constantly determining who is boss here, and unless consciously struggling to deal with the social pyramid of the moment, busy with some other part of life, the Asperger's person is likely to not follow the rules of supremacy in the situation, and so is seen as "out of line" or starting a challenge to the position of the other person, without knowing it.

A part of the establishment of hierarchy seems to be that one does not do the challenger's activity-gaming with anyone more than one step above or below you. This somewhat regulates the response of the non-Asperger person in the situation.

However, as time goes on and events accumulate, the group of non-Asperger's people, responding to the unwritten hierarchy rules unconsciously, begin to perceive the Asperger's person as doing something very wrong, but don't know what it is. Eventually some of them actively imagine the Asperger's person is physically doing something wrong, instead of just bumbling around social-blindly among the social pyramid. Eventually the non-Asperger's people agree that the Asperger's person is doing some specific horrid social thing, some criminal behavior, and so they act to "catch" the Asperger's person in the act; and as more and more people join in on this "catching" adventurous game, the specific accusation(s) become fixed increasingly in an ever widening field of people marginally aware of what is going on. Some may hurry along the "catching" by arranging a "frame-up" or "setting up to take the fall", to "hold the bag" kind of thing, knowing the naive ways of the Asperger's kind, especially if they had their toes stepped on by the blundering Asperger person and so "need to get even."

Meanwhile, Asperger's people have the in-built urge to be socially involved with other people, especially with a person of the opposite sex, one who is able to cope with the occasional "strange" ways of non-Asperger society preferably. This urge to be with others often requires being a "yes-person" making extraordinary effort to be what others seem to want them to be.

So all this, over time, plays out in ways that seem quite peculiar to the Asperger's person, and probably also to non-Asperger's people except probably as a different kind of "peculiar." What expression this unwitting set of games takes, is likely to not be to the Asperger's person's benefit, as the envisioning of the large group of non-Asperger people eventually manifests into a lightening-like assault "righteously" on the Asperger when crossing some line that looks like something else that they were prepared to see. The Asperger person realizes that assault of some kind is in progress and may attempt to escape, but from what or where is not clear, since the group doing the assault is responding to their shared fantasy, which the Asperger can only guess at.

All this tends to eliminate the Asperger's ways from the gene pool. Since Asperger's people tend to be the ones who make the leading edge discoveries in so many fields, due to their high intelligence and urge to focus long term on some subject of fixation (for example, my major fixated focus is on enabling space transportation big-time for all people's benefit, not just for the few rich adventurers), this probably slows down civilization quite a lot, since non-Asperger's are ever embroiled in their hierarchy stew, divvying up the group territory goodies according to hierarchical position, and little gets done outside of that arena.

The coordination of activities of non-Asperger's people seems to require the hierarchical pyramid, ever obeying the chain of command; military and corporate structures largely formally identify and proclaim the social hierarchy pyramid currently in place. The corporate "org chart" is an example.

However, that is not the only means of coordinating people's activities. The means that I function best in is where all people involved in an activity are aware of the mutual goal, and all are cognizant of the ongoing situation in progress, and so each person does the function seen needing doing at the moment of progress of the activity. A group of people building a structure can function this way, too, and it can be a far more creatively functional structure thusly built, probably better than that originally envisioned.

A sport that can do this is volleyball of the type where nobody remembers what the score is; the fun is in the doing, not in the ego stuff of establishing who is better than who, thus there is no hierarchical points involved in the activity. In creative dance, the "machine" also involves this kind of skill, where each dancer creatively finds a place to incorporate into the growing group structure, building up the form to whatever it manifests as.

It does take much less intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to function in a hierarchical pyramid, since the assigned function is all that has to be done, along with knowing who is your boss and who is dependent on orders in turn from you, end of effort. A set of skills can be acquired in school for the sole purpose of getting higher in the hierarchy, not for the doing of something for civilization that needs doing. Thus the majority of human intelligence is absorbed with the endless hierarchical game and awareness of it, instead of applying to the advancement of the civilization that supports them all, along with their progeny's future potentials too, unfortunately. Lacking focus on the overall group project's aims, there are endless things that "fall through the cracks" especially if there is nobody to do that function or it does not provide enough profit to anybody in position to get it done.

The huge accumulation of environmental problems ongoing are one consequence of this; fouling one's nest eventually leads to ruin, there has to be a functional symbiosis overall to make it a long term operational kind of thing. Wars sometimes break out when one group needs another's resources, and goes to grab it; or even war in fear of the neighbor. No sense of the wide mutual purposes is involved, and it all blunders along hand to mouth as if elaborately fancied-up hunter-gatherer tribes. Those in the hierarchy mindset are there because it enables their preferential reproduction, leading to unbalanced more of their kind.

Asperger's now account for only 1 in 250 people, I have read. Asperger's are apparently also unfortunately characterized by less ability to cope with metal poisoning such as by organically bound mercury, and thus brings in their social functionality into a dysfunction to the point of being considered a syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome.


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