More naive thoughts on the business experiment

Those of us who have Asperger's Syndrome are expert on being naive, similar to those who are blind are experts on blindness. We can just assume that whatever we do, others will consider us naive in the arena of human affairs where deception and trickery are normal parts of activites of non-Asperger's. And we can only get so much paranoid, as a way to cope with being naive, without eventually getting detoured via "paranoia." So, being "expert" on naive awareness, it is quite surprising to conclude that the consumers of this nation tend to also be naive and extremely so. Let me explain.

I had mentioned before that it looked like America has embarked on a huge business experiment, where there is an economic theory that runs things. And that business seemed perhaps a better ruler than dictators or fanatical religious groupings, that sort of thing.

So the update here is that the "huge business experiment" still seems to be fairly descriptive of what I notice going on especially in the past 5 years, all the stops pulled out. The pattern is that rulership is set by business devoted to making profit, and that which makes the most profit (among the alternative paths) is what must be chosen. The feedback loop is closed by the maximizing of investor's payoffs, which then puts more money into that business to make it bigger.

Missing is the feedback loop that maximizes benefit to Americans, both to the individuals and to the nation in general.

Thus, for example, the guiding criteria is not optimization of health per money spent as a nation, but rather is guided by that which makes the most money somewhere.

Another example is that the design and engineering of cars is for making the most profit for manufacturers and their investors, without having the need for optimizing energy and time efficiency of the user.

One might think that the customer would select that which is best, and thus provide the feedback needed to guide the system; but if the overall coordinated business group does not provide the product that is optimized for time, energy, transportation utility and efficiency, the customer cannot buy it, and thus cannot provide that needed feedback to the system. The corrective feedback loops are thus broken, and the system runs amok to that extent.

How does one fix this enormous hole in the economic theory governing us? Possibly a first step is for more people than just me to observe the problem, as a problem.

Then it seems necessary that more feedback loops need to be incorporated into the system: feedback as to the actual functionality of the overall health system, per the above first example; and for the second example, feedback as to the functional efficiency of the transportation system for moving people and materials around in much better overall effectiveness per cost.

I think the missing parameter is called "efficiacy", that is the needed added guide feedback path for our economics system national experiment.

Conceivably the big corporations could still maintain power and leadership in their various fields, instead of having to somehow be vanquished in the marketplace as prerequisite to wholesome changes. Surely profit to the investors can be adequate at the same time as shifting to products that serve the customers best.

But then, my naive Asperger's Syndrome problem probably is making me wrong again. People are just too complicated for them to be able to do this kind of thing.


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