Snarfing around on the problem

The insight has occurred to me, that my belief and efforts to get people to do things by providing them with new ways to accomplish great things for themselves as humanity, might actually be continually infuriating the hierarchical top folks who, although they know that such visionary ideas cannot be done by one person alone but must be done by huge numbers of coordinated people, and thus will starve and die out without support, simply by making sure it is ignored; the mere thought that anything could be done by an individual without the direction and permission of the top dogs of the hierarchy might seem to the top dogs as being a challenge to their supreme authority.

Uh oh.

And the hierarchical process works, especially in corporations, by treating any creative idea that is spontaneously created by an underling (which is of course thereby done by an inferior) must be approved and handed up to the next rung of the management, and then handed on up if approved there, of course getting rewritten to match the level of authority, and is well known among employees at the bottom of the org chart that any idea they had and submitted that way, will either just vanish in the hands of their boss, or if it ever reaches the top it will not have their name on it but would be some upper management's name as the author by then ... (inferiors cannot have better ideas than their superiors else they might take over the job of the superior and that is to be ever defended against, is probably the force in action there.) This is an old fixed pattern in corporate life.

It is not just instinctual "reign of the bullies stomping on underlings" but also fits the suit-and-tie level pattern that a corporation is formed to make money off a specific product idea, and the massive management and employee and plant facility is all carefully assembled lock-step to make that product happen so as to bring the paychecks and investor's profits. A new idea, even of a way to make the product far more efficiently instead of just making a better kind of product, would require a shakeup of the fine-tuned organizational structure, making management life much more difficult and risk of making mistakes and losing org chart position thereby: not desirable. Management is there to control things; so it seems likely they will simply act resourcefully to ditch any new ideas that come along by ditching their originator, whether in the corporate structure or not, so long as they don't get caught doing too harmful things traceable back to them. And Management is very very resourceful, by definition.

I remember this stuff now from my electronics technician career working at many corporations big and small, something dimly realized and ever seen happening (an Asperger's kind of problem), but it making no rational sense to me then, that of abandoning better ways of doing things and better things to do, how unwise, it seemed to me.

Now finally I think I see what is going on; it does not change even if one is not a low level corporate employee, such as the retired person I am now. It is all about the lines of communication, censorship, and intents, all in control by folks who are not directly responsible for the well-being of life quality itself. Winners revel in overabundant goodies; losers wallow and wilt in deprivation; end of subject, to them, as if it were the operating principle of the universe. So long as they are smart enough, they will continue to revel in overabundant goodies, goal maintained achieved, simply by cunningly making others losers.

My struggle to gain acceptance and action on my ideas, does not even end there. There is always the risk of focussing on one idea so as to apply it to physical stuff to mold shape to do the desired function ... work work ... but then somebody else comes along with a better idea, upstaging mine, so one's idea crashes and burns lacking resources to be completed. So the shoe fits on the other foot too.

Meantime while all that circus is going on, consuming irreplaceable resources of all kinds, the ideas which could lead the way out of the mess humanity has gotten itself into, such as dwindling energy resources, increasingly cluttered toxic land and sea, and could be done now or earlier to be already solving those massively severe problems to humanity, are not getting done in time, maybe never will if it becomes too late and things crash too messily, such as somewhere fatally breaking in the ecosystem's balance; Mother Nature is not infinitely strong to ever clean up our messes. Is there anything I could be doing different to provide a way out of the mire? Well, it is said that correctly defining a problem is part of the solution. I hope there is more than just that.

Pity that Management's great resourcefulness cannot be turned to achieve the much better things. ...As I think more about this, I also recall from my career days, a coworker telling me that the only way to get one's great idea accepted, was to convince their boss that it was the boss's idea.

Well, after watching the news in recent years, maybe the French will get it done.


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