Being a "recluse" works fairly well until...

Some folks who are like me need to keep a low profile, the term is "recluse" I think. It is a way to survive when one does not know how to do the social dances that most people seem to have been born with ability to do, and compulsion to be engaged in with others. Yet one still has the needs for food, shelter, interesting things to do, and a good woman to love each night.

Being a "recluse" works fairly well until someone decides he/she wants something that you have or want. Then the social dance is supposed to start and the "winner" gets the thing. Refusal to participate in the social dance for rights to ownership, apparently is taken by some kinds of other folks as abandonment of the goodie they want that you already have or want and appears available to whomever. This particularly happens when it is a woman to be one's partner and mate; some men think that all women belong to them because they are winners at something, say football or other thing where men pit themselves against other men. Clearly to me that seems they were not born with the stuff needed to be civilized, they just were tamed enough to function, but their bully nature lurks ever. Or something like that, who knows exactly what.

To possibly alert those who come later, this advise is for those who go for the "recluse" option, living in peace with one's neighbors, no need to be ever showing who is better so as to get the bigger piece of the cookie each time. Plenty of cookie to be had by all, why waste time and effort fighting over the cookie scraps when plenty more cookie is awaiting to be made?

But for some folks, the fighting over the cookie pieces is what counts, not the cookie scraps itself. Anyway, sometimes it seems that way. One of the tricks that the elitist bullies use is to use their intelligence corruptly by arranging for the legal system to do their dirty work for them, so as to righteously trounce the recluse. The general pattern is to commit a crime in such a way that the "evidence" will point at the recluse, with the intent that the recluse then be dragged terrified out of his peaceful nook and be wreaked upon the jaws of justice, ruined, there for all to see what naughty things the recluse had done and now was righteously being punished for; and the elite instigators smirk among themselves, how powerfully intelligently clever they are, and don't any of you guys squeal or the same thing will happen to you. To do this, apparently they spend a lot of time studying the legal and forensic systems, like a screenwriter preparing a story to happen. Being elite, their wealth and power gives them lots of time to do such things, not needing to do the constructive work needed by the overall system that enables their lives. Spreading the word that the recluse is a child molester or rapist works real well (even though those are clearly "bully" kind of activity fantasies, not those of gentle Aspie recluses), as well as claims of "doing drugs" which also makes the neighbors shun the recluse even more, thus less likely to get to know the actual truth. It makes juicy gossip and is nearly impossible for the recluse to counteract, even when it becomes obvious to him what the nature of being shunned is pointing at, outrageously false as it is to him. It becomes even more difficult to get a girlfriend, for example; exactly the purpose of the bullies who then don't even have to bother to go socko on the nose of the recluse to show who is winner of the gals, since the bullies have caused the gals to be afraid of the reclusive Aspie who is wistfully looking at the attractive gals.

A more difficult problem facing the reclusive Aspie seeking a good woman as mate, is his lack of social moxie can get used by some women to trick the guy - men are not the only ones that sometimes have a cunning treacherous nature - and the ways of some women are deviously treacherous indeed, amazingly creative, knowing the intricacies of the system. Yet most women are just living life, and surely could benefit by relationship with a loyal Aspie man, reclusive or not, and those women are indeed the most wonderful thing of all, just like they look.

We "Aspies" tend to take on the reclusive life, so beware. The old games the non-Aspies play with you often are of the form of "getting left holding the bag", "taking the fall", "sucker", and just plain getting "set up to take the rap." And even more amazing, the general population goes along supporting those tricks, seeming to want to believe that the recluse is "bad"... and perhaps realizing that putting the "bad Aspie" down will at least stop the "bad" things from happening ... one way or the other.

And I suspect that the "normal" bullies actually believe that they are really being righteous by doing these tricks on Aspies - reclusive Aspies anyway - because they seem to believe ... that the boyhood fistfights and later more refined contests that establish social hierarchy position, really justifies their claim for much more than their share of the goodies; and thus the recluse, having not participated in that position-establishing sport, has no right to any of the goodies and especially to any woman as mate. No matter how well the reclusive Aspie has quietly created ways for better civilization and fine survival of millions of people; the only thing that counts is place in pecking order, according the actual operating principles, I have found.

Nonetheless, humanity surely is worth saving.


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