villains, heros and marbles


To figure out
Which is Villain
And which is Hero
It depends on
Exactly where in their playing field
One finds oneself in
As one sleepily wakes up

Which is the villain: give furious anger
Which is the hero: give exhulting adoration
It is all yummy energy
That sweeps away the boredom
That was the weary path trod before

Who are the villains and
Who are the heros
We each have been them both
In somebody's eyes
We surely have all
Been there done that
Many times
Yet it is not our real Identity

But anyway Yay for the home team
We will all go party afterwards

Bulls battle each other
To most father the next generation
Cows battle each other
For the best patches of grass
It is all exciting

But when I'm not flailing around
So Dazzled tumbling around
In the thick of it all
When I fully wake up
I'd rather do Pass The Peace
I can see there is a really big job
Waiting desperately to be done

If mankind is going to win this one
It will have to play with all of its marbles
All of them

In the distant past
The playing field's other parts
Were able to move back in and heal the field
After we had munched
Littered and mangled our way past

Some of those other rejuvenation parts
Have given up and died off, some forever
Did we care? Obviously not
We have been too busy exciting fighting
What bedazzling fun it is
What sweet reward

Until the lights go out
The carnival show is over
And there is no home to go back to anymore
It got wasted in our sport
To figure out
Which are Villains
And which are Heros

If we, mankind, are going to win this one
We will have to play with all of our marbles
All of them

So Pass The Peace
And then let's get back on duty
Let's get on with our really big job
Time's a wasting and the fat is in the fire


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